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Mr. Burr, Principal
217 Walnut Lane
Princeton, NJ 08540

Tel: 609.806.4270
Fax: 609.806.4271
Guidance: 609.806.4272

Mrs. Riely
Digital Citizenship*Entrepreneurship*Journalism and Broadcast Journalism

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Mrs. Riely's Technology Class
Room B104
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Week of Respect: Coming in April
Stand up*Speak up all year long!

Course Overview

6th Grade Digital Citizenship: This course will lay the foundation for digital safety, digital communication, and keyboarding skills. Students are expected to type 25 words per minute with a minimum of 95% accuracy using the touch typing method by the end of the course. Early keyboard memorization, daily practice, and proper posture are necessary to achieve touch-typing goals. In addition to keyboarding, students will learn proper text and image formatting in word processing, tools for digital presentations, online research tools, and basic web terminology. Course content focuses on digital safety, ethics, etiquette, law, rights and responsibilities. Information on cyber bullying is also key component of this course.

7th Grade Entrepreneurship: This course will focus on enhancing keyboarding, word processing, digital presentation and cyber safety knowledge. The keyboarding goal for 7th grade is 40 words per minute with 95% accuracy. Online collaboration using Google Docs is an addition in this course. Students will enhance their technology skills through self-discovery of personal traits, talents and real world contributions as they design and research a future business, service, or technology endeavor. Students will explore, experiment and thrive in a maker space environment as they learn photography, digital marketing, movie making and much more!

8th Grade Broadcast and Journalism: This course focuses on student centered learning. Students work in online communities and collaborative learning groups. Team building, communication and advanced technology skills are developed through this introductory broadcast and journalism course. Students will develop writing, photography, broadcasting and presentation skills as they research and develop poignant news stories to share with their school peers. Academic online research, tricaster and camera operations, movie editing, music production, online collaboration are among the many skills that will be learned in this semester course. This is a perfect introductory course for Mr. Gallagher's high school television production course!

Technology Course meets twice a week for 1 semester each year.

Microsoft Office
(Word, Excel, Power Point)
Digital Citizenship
Digital Entrepreneurship
Broadcast and Journalism
20 WPM/ 95% accuracy
(keynote, pages, numbers, iPhoto, garageband, iMovie)
Digital Communication/online research
Online Research: Tips, tools, strategies,resources
Advanced online Research: MLA citation, Explora
40 WPM/95% accuracy
(Google Docs, pixlr, flickr)
Digital Literacy/word processing
Word Processing: Executive Summary/Resume Writing/Business Cards
Word Processing: News Writing, Script writing
50 WPM/95% accuracy
Digital Etiquette/digital presentations
Multi Media Presentations: Business Plan/ 4 P's/ Tips for Professional presentations
Digital Design: photography, photo editing, media and social cause marketing
Practice Typing everyday 10 minutes!
Digital law*rights*responsibilities/cyberbullying

Claymations/digital storytelling
Spreadsheets: Financial Projections/ sales, profit, loss, gross i.e.
Basic Coding: Scratch, code academy/ psa/game/application for service project

Minimum Requirement
75 WPM/95% accuracy
Digital health*wellness*Security
Movie Production: Commercial/ basic editing
Movie Production: PSA, documentary, commerical, short film
Public Speaking
Public Speaking/broadcasting

Cybersafety Sites
[ ]Net Smarts
[ ]cybersmart
[ ]medialit
[ ]antibullying
[ ]Cyberbullying Research Center
[ ]common sense media
[ ]Facebook Family Safety

PPS Girls
Do Something Club
Service Saturday
Talent Show
2 Days a month (listen to announcements)
Tuesday and Thursday mornings
Mrs. Riely's classroom
Mrs. Riely's classroom
JW and local organizations
JW Auditorium
Empowering middle school girls through technology, media literacy, health, wellness, friendship and respect
Design and carry out monthly service projects
Get your hands dirty with your friends!
Listen for announcements and then sign up for a location to spend the morning!
Sharing Talent and Helping the Community!

Do Something Club Projects
PPS Girls Topics
Thanksgiving Food Drive
Book Drive for Camden
Stress and Conflict
Ornaments for Seniors
Toiletry Drive
Media Marketing
Month of Kindness
Peer Pressure
Teens for Jeans
Ducky-Grams for children in need
Service Saturday
Talent Show

[Image:92710_103735_1.png]DO SOMETHING CLUB

                                      Month of Kindness!!

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Get your running shoes ready!  Track is just around the corner!

Track Schedule Coming Soon!!

[ ]DO Something!

Safety Online
Cybrbullying : Take a Stand