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Mr. Downey's Webpage

Mr. Burr, Principal
217 Walnut Lane
Princeton, NJ 08540

Tel: 609.806.4270
Fax: 609.806.4271
Guidance: 609.806.4272

Mr. Downey
(609) 806-4270

panel expand or collapseHomework
For beginning students, practice scales  : [C,F,Bb, Eb].

For advanced students, memorize all flat and sharp scales including all relative minors { dorian and mixolydian modes }

All students, practice daily : Weekly lesson assignment in the lesson book
All students in the lesson classes should have a lesson book, notebook, pencil, instrument, and music folder .

All Band students should include the concert selections as part of their daily practice.
Please make sure your instrument is in perfect playing condition !
Woodwinds should have 2 extra reeds at all performing sessions .
Brass winds should have valve / slide oil at all performing sessions .
All students should have 2 ( #2 ) pencils or 1 mechanical pencil at all performing sessions .

panel expand or collapseSchedule
Concert Schedule :
Monday , April 21st - Symphonic and Concert Bands
Morning Concert -report  7:45am for tuning - concert starts 8:30am
Evening Concert-report 6:54pm for tuning- concert starts 7:00pm

Tuesday , April 22nd - Orchectra Concert and Jazz band Concert
Morning Concert-report 7:45am for tuning - concert starts 8:30 am
Evening Concert - report 6:45pm for tuning- concert starts 7:00pm

Concert Dress:
Men : black dress pants, white button-down shirt, tie (any color) , black dress shoes/socks

Women- white blouse, black dress pants/black skirt (below knee) / black dress(below knee) , black dress shoes

Dancers - please see Mr. Downey

Progression of Studies:     
6th grade Witherspoon Winds : [ Essential Elements Book 1 , Downey Rhythm Introduction workbooks ]
7th and 8th grade Concert Band :[ Essential Elements review of book 1 , Essential Elements book 2 [through lesson 24 ] more advanced [ through the end of book 2 with transition into the Rubank Advanced 1 method book ] ; Downey Rhythm method workbooks for medium and complex rhythm studies
7th and 8th grade Symphonic Band : [ Essential Elements book 2 review [ middle through end ] , Rubank Advanced 1 method book ,  music solo material  , duets, trios , quartets as provided by the class instructor , Downey Rhythmic Application Studies incorporating the Downey Method of scale studies for all Major ;  Minor , Dorian , and Mixolydian related scales in relationship to thier perspective Major counterparts .

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