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John Witherspoon Middle School
Physical Education Program

Ms. Rylak       Mr. Carter       Mrs. Welsh

Click below to download the Aquatic Calendar Schedule:

If you have any questions please email our pool manager at

All Students Will (As Always):
  • Remember their Locker Number & Combination
  • Bring in a One-Piece Bathing Suit, and Towel - (Goggles and Flip Flops are optional but Highly Recommended)
  • Bring in one T-Shirt, Sweat Pants or Shorts
  • Bring in or already be wearing Athletic Sneakers
  • Bring in Deodorant (Only Roll On Deodorant is Permitted for use in the JW Locker Rooms)

All students are required to wear athletic sneakers and change their clothing from what they wore to school into appropriate PE attire.  Appropriate attire consists of the following:
  • t-shirt, sweat-shirt, athletic shorts or pants.  
  • for aquatics, boys’ swim trunks, girls’ one-piece bathing suits, flip-flops footwear, towel, and shower supplies.  
Tank tops and pajamas are NOT permitted as appropriate PE attire.  

Students are required to change back into the clothes they wore to school at the end of class.  

Wet towels and bathing suits must be taken home and are not permitted to remain overnight in lockers.

Please copy and paste the link below into your browser to view the film about flag football for Ms. Rylak's class: