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Mr. Burr, Principal
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Welcome to the...... Princeton Public Schools
JWMS Athletics Home Page
Go Little Tigers!!!!

Even if you did a fall or winter or spring sport, you still need to turn in new paperwork for each sport season.

FOR JW DAILY SPORTS SCHEDULES:  Check out the "JW Sports Schedules" link on the left...

Get your paperwork and physical form to the nurse!
Forms needed (see forms link to print from home)
1. Physical Evaluation form, every year
2. Athletic Information form, every sport
3. Health History Update Questionnaire form, every sport
4. Athletic Consent form, every year

Sports Teams Registration Information

JWMS Fall Sports begin on 9/8/17. Please submit registration paperwork to the nurse after June 14th. Impact test is only for athletes aged 12 and older. If your child took the impact at age 11, they must repeat it once they turn 12.  We will be offering impact test on 9/6,7,8. See JW athletic webpage for paperwork and team updates.
Even if you did a fall/ winter/ spring sport, you still need to turn in new paperwork for each sport season.

*Fall Sports registration begins June 15th, 1st day of practice Sept. 8th 2017
*Winter Sports registration begins November 1st, first day of practice
*Spring Sports registration begins March 1st, 1st day of practice

Required:  Every season, Athletic Registration Paperwork and Medical Forms due, return to the school nurse, ASAP.

What are the sports?
*JW Fall Sports include: Girls Soccer, Boys Soccer, Field Hockey, co-ed Cross Country and co-ed Tennis Club
*JW Winter Sports include: Girls Basketball, Boys Basketball, co-ed Swimming, Wrestling and co-ed Running Club
*JW Spring Sports include: Softball, Baseball, Girls Lacrosse, Boys Lacrosse and co-ed Track and Field

Required: Concussion "Impact Test" Information

All athletes are required to take the Impact Test once every two years, in order to be eligible to participate in our JWMS athletic program.
Athletes are not permitted to practice or tryout until they complete the baseline impact test.

This spring we are offering the ImPACT Test on Tuesday June 6th, Wednesday June 7th, and Thursday June 8th.    On this days students will report to the JW Cafeteria immediately after school.  The test should conclude not later than 4:30 p.m.  Please Click Here To Register your child to retake the ImPact Test if they were 11 years old when they took the test earlier year or if they are a rising 9th grader. 
Parents can check their PowerSchool account for their child's Impact test dates, under "Sports Eligibility".

Athletics Tryout Dates and Information

*Fall Sports 2017: September 8-15, 2017

Tryouts for all sports occur during the first week of practice each season. Some JWMS teams have require "cuts" and other teams do not. Cuts are required due to the large number of athletes interested and the limited number of available spots on each team. After tryouts, athletes will be notified by their coach as to whether or not they have made the team. If an athlete is cut from one team at the end of tryouts, they may join another team that has room to accept athletes.

Schedules...... Available on the "JW schedules" link on the left side of this page, under quick links..  

See link above. You can see all teams schedules on the RSchool Webpage.
You can "subscribe" to be notified of your child's games, practices and any changes.


If you have any questions about JWMS Athletics, please email:
Ms. Erynn Murray
JWMS Athletic Coordinator
(609) 806-4270 ex. 3768

*updated 4/19/17

Princeton Public Schools Athletic Mission and Values
The mission of athletics in PPS reflects the mission of the district as a whole. Our commitment is to prepare our student-athletes to lead lives of joy and purpose, to foster their development of knowledge and character, to promote a sense of pride within our community, and a sense of achievement among our teams. Our mission is supported by the following four values.

Joy of Sport
There is a joy in the act of playing a sport; there is a joy in the physical and mental rigor of preparing for competition; and there is a joy in being a part of something larger than ourselves- in contributing to a team. We want our young people to experience that joy, and we are committed to an athletic program that supports the fun of play, the fulfillment of hard work and the camaraderie among teammates and coaches.

Education through Athletics
Learning is essential to athletics. Our fields and our courts are an extension of our classrooms. Our program is designed to teach our young people the skills, strategies and training methods that will allow them to optimize their athletic performance. Our program is designed, as well, to help our young people optimize their performance in life. We want them to be people of character-able to win with grace, lose with pride and compete in a way that honors the game and their opponent. We want to teach them what it means to lead and what it means to follow. We want them to reflect after every performance and use setbacks as the stepping stones to future success. We are committed to an athletic program that inspires students to set challenging goals and to achieve them. We are committed to a program that helps our students learn the important lesson of how to balance athletics with academics and the many other commitments they have in their lives.

Community Pride
Sports can be a catalyst for the creation of community. The athletic program of PPS strives to bring together students, staff, parents, alumni and town residents. We value the support of partners throughout our community. Moreover, through their engagement, we seek to build a sense of pride in our programs and in our young people.

Athletic Achievement
We honor the long tradition of athletic accomplishment in PPS. We are committed to providing every student who wants to participate in our athletic program, the coaching, equipment and support to do so. We actively celebrate the excellence of our athletes and our programs. We believe that our achievements in athletics are reflective of the excellence we value in all of our endeavors as a district.