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Notice of School Lunch Account Policy
Princeton Public Schools recently passed a policy clarifying the district's guidelines for addressing outstanding balances for student meal accounts. The policy is designed to protect students' health and wellbeing and to ensure that students are treated equitably. When there is an overdue balance on an account, students will still receive the same core meal as their peers. However, students who have a meal account with an outstanding balance will not be allowed to purchase extras, or a la carte items, such as ice cream treats or soft pretzels.  

If a studentís meal account has an outstanding balance, the school will send an email or written letter notifying student's parents or guardians that they have 10 days to pay the balance in full. If the studentí' account is not paid in full by the end of those ten days, a second notice will be sent to parents or guardians. If the account is not paid in full following the second notice, parents or guardians may be requested to meet with the Principal to discuss the matter.

To read the full policy, click here.