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The Princeton Alcohol and Drug Alliance Presentation: “Marijuana: Weeding Out the Myths”
May 24, 2017, 7-9pm, John Witherspoon Middle School Auditorium

The Princeton Alcohol and Drug Alliance (PADA), in conjunction with Corner House and the
Princeton Police Department, will hold a forum entitled, “Marijuana: Weeding Out the Myths”
on Wednesday, May 24 from 7pm-9pm in the John Witherspoon Middle School auditorium.
This program has been designed to educate middle and high school students, their parents, and
other interested community members about the myths and realities of marijuana.

There are many misconceptions floating around about marijuana, and it’s shocking how little
many of us actually know about the little green plant:

• Is it addictive?
• Can you overdose on marijuana?
• Is it a gateway drug?
• Does using marijuana have long-term effects on the brain?
• Does it impact mental health?
• How does today’s marijuana differ from the marijuana of the past few decades?
• How is possessing marijuana legally different than underage drinking?
• Does marijuana impair driving the way alcohol does?
• What are the legal implications of being in a house or car when the police find
marijuana, even if it is not your house or car?
• Where can people go for help?

Hear the real facts from the experts and learn what’s going on in our community.

The evening will begin with an analysis of the results of a student-initiated survey on marijuana
perceptions and usage that was completed anonymously by Princeton high school students.
This will be followed by a presentation on the basics of marijuana and its effects.
Representatives of the Princeton Police Department will then explain what they’re seeing
marijuana-wise in Princeton and the consequences for arrest of marijuana possession.
Members of the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office will discuss its legal implications. The
clinical director of Corner House will talk about treatment options. The evening will wrap up
with a panel discussion and Q&A featuring the evening’s speakers.

Please note that the evening will not be a forum about the legalization of marijuana. The only
intent is to provide accurate information and facilitate discussion so that everyone can make
educated choices.

For more information about “Marijuana: Weeding out the Myths,” please contact Corner
House at 609-924-8018 or