The Board of Education believes that all pupils in the Princeton Public School District must develop competence in using and applying a broad range of technologies to support lifelong learning. Through their use, pupils can interact with vast information resources, participate in global communication, and access expanded curriculum resources. The Board also believes that technology can be used to foster equity among all pupils.

Educational technologies include hardware (e.g., computers, interactive video), software, network communications, and information resources. Technology related programs use these systems and materials to support education, both as tools for individual learners and as tools for creating and enhancing instruction.

As with any pupil activity, pupils utilizing district-provided Internet access must first have the permission of and must be supervised by the Princeton Public Schools’ professional staff. Pupils utilizing school provided Internet access are responsible for good behavior on line just as they are in a classroom or other area of the school. The same general rules for behavior and communications apply.

The purpose of district-provided internet access is to facilitate communications and information retrieval 
in support of research and education. To remain eligible as users, pupils’ use must be in support of and consistent with the educational objectives of the Princeton Public Schools. Access is a privilege, not a right. Access entails responsibility and may be denied in the event of improper behavior or irresponsible use.

Users should not expect that files stored on school-based computers will always be private. Electronic messages and files stored on school based computers may be treated like school lockers. Administrators and faculty may review files and messages to maintain system integrity and insure that users are acting responsibly.

The use of school provided online access (e.g. Internet access) at any time must not violate local, state, or federal requirements and must be consistent with the educational mission and purposes of the Princeton Public Schools.

Disciplinary action resulting from a violation of the rules will be determined at the building level in keeping with existing procedures, policies, and practices regarding inappropriate language or behavior. When and where applicable, law enforcement agencies may be involved. 

NOTICE: This policy and all its provisions are subordinate to local, state, and federal statutes.

The Importance of Digital Citizenship

  • I understand that the computers and software are owned by the Princeton Public School District.
  • I will take responsibility for any computer account that is given to me. I will not give my password to anyone nor will I bypass the security systems that may be in place.
  • I will not attempt to change the configuration of any computer or software, or change/alter another student’s work.
  • I will abide by all patent, copyright or license restrictions that relate to any computing facilities products, programs, or documentation.
  • I understand that in my classrooms, I am not the only one using the equipment; other students in this building are required to complete their schoolwork and also need to access computer equipment; Therefore, I will treat the equipment with respect and will not intentionally damage any machine.
  • I will not have food or drink near the computers.
  • I will only use a computer when a staff member is present.


The Internet is an exciting tool that allows us to gain instant knowledge and communicate with people all over the world. It is important that we use it properly so that we don’t break laws, offend others, or violate school rules.

  • I will only use the Internet for wholesome purposes. I will not send, receive, or access information or graphics that contain pornography or racist/sexist/discriminatory material.
  • I will not use copyrighted materials from the Internet without permission.
  • I will not knowingly place a virus on any computer or on the Internet.
  • I will not give the names, phone numbers, addresses or any other personal information I gain on the Internet to anyone.
  • I understand that it is acceptable to share Internet URL addresses for proper educational purposes
  • I will not utilize my social media accounts without express consent from administration or teaching staff.