All students are encouraged to participate in our sports program; Please refer to our athletics website for additional information about required,  At JW, we offer interscholastic and intramural sports. Some of our sports impose a “cut policy” while others remain open to all participants. Please see our athletic website for more details. We offer the following sports and welcome all of our students to try-out.


Co-ed Tennis, Girls’ Field Hockey, Girls’ & Boys’ Soccer, Co-ed Cross-Country


Girls’ & Boys’ Basketball, Co-ed Wrestling, Girls’ & Boys’ Swimming


Boys’ Baseball, Girls’ Softball, Co-ed Track, Girls’ & Boys’ Lacrosse


As a member of the John Witherspoon Middle School’s Athletic Program and representative of John Witherspoon Middle School, you will be held to higher standards and expectations than most.  Your attitude and conduct both on and off the field will be conducted in a responsible and professional manner.

Understand that the opportunity to be a member of any John Witherspoon Middle School athletic program is a privilege, not a right, and with that privilege, comes responsibilities and obligations. A JW athlete should always to be responsible for their words and actions in school and while participating on their team. JW athletes’ conduct should always align according to the rules and regulations set forth by their school, county, state, and federal policies.

Physical examinations, health history documents etc. are required prior to participation in any sports program. The School Nurse provides medical forms. Please refer to the athletics website, or our health office with additional questions