Students will receive four report cards yearly. Report cards will be issued to students in November 2017, February 2018, April 2018, and a final report card will be issued to students on the last day of school. Report card envelopes must be signed by a parent/guardian and returned to the Homeroom teacher no later than three days after the initial distribution. Each teacher will give a grade (A, B, C, D, F, Inc.) as well as a social conduct mark (C-commendable, S-satisfactory, N-needs improvement, U-unsatisfactory.) Grade values are as follows:

A —90-100

B —80-89

C —70-79 

D —60-69

F —59 or below



Students who receive a grade below “C” will develop a cooperative student/teacher Learning Improvement Agreement that must be signed by a parent/guardian. The agreement will outline specific learning strategies for the student to improve his/her schoolwork and obtain a grade of “C” or better.