John Witherspoon Middle School Mission Statement

John Witherspoon Middle School serves the intellectual, social, and developmental needs of sixth, seventh, and eighth graders in the diverse Princeton Public School District. The curriculum challenges all levels of ability and responds to a variety of learning styles. John Witherspoon is the middle school segment of a district-wide K-12 coordinated curriculum that extends learning beyond the acquisition of skills and subject matter. Daily activities and lessons will provide students with means for accessing and analyzing information, incorporating critical thinking and problem-solving skills, invoking student curiosity and imagination, and providing opportunities to effectively communicate their ideas through oral and written communication. Ultimately, the goal is to develop students who are prepared to be 21st century global learners. Additionally, the school will sponsor a broad spectrum of co-curricular activities which enhance school life. By focusing our efforts on the “whole child,” we are committed to ensuring that each child feels connected, known, and valued. We take pride in celebrating our diverse community, and strive to promote sensitivity and empathy toward all students while maintaining high academic standards.