To ensure that our goal of "Excellence in Learning and Teaching" may continue to be a reality, John Witherspoon students are expected to adhere to school rules and regulations. Students must exhibit appropriate behavior. Pupils must submit to the authority of all school personnel; they must pursue their prescribed course of study and they must obey the rules of the school they attend (NJSA18A: 37-1.) Not obeying the rules or engaging in conduct which creates or causes disruptive behavior will subject the student to disciplinary action which, depending upon the severity of the infraction, may include suspension or expulsion. 

Guidelines for Success

  1. Attend school and all classes regularly and on time.
  2. Respect the rights of all individuals to be different. "He who gives respect, gets respect."
  3. All physical contact is inappropriate.
  4. Use, possession or sale of a controlled dangerous substance, tobacco product, or alcohol is prohibited. A copy of the Board Policy will be distributed to students.
  5. Selling or buying anything is prohibited on school property.
  6. Gambling is prohibited on school property.
  7. Vandalism, defacing school property, writing on lockers, desks, or walls is prohibited. Students will be charged for any damages.
  8. 8. Compliance with all classroom, lunchroom, and corridors rules and regulations must be follow without exception.
  9. No gum chewing.
  10. Obtain authorization from administration prior to leaving school for any reason.
  11. Cursing or other profanity is prohibited.
  12. Possession and or use of weapons or toys, which resemble weapons is prohibited.
  13. Threats, written or verbal, toward school personnel or students is prohibited.
  14. Harassment, sexual harassment, intimidation or cyber bullying is prohibited. A copy of the Board Policy will be distributed to students.
  15. Asking for or receiving money or personal property from other students is prohibited.
  16. Public display of affection between students is prohibited. 

Note: Any conduct or speech which threatens the safety of staff or students, disrupts the operation of the school or is considered offensive, lewd, vulgar or profane will result in appropriate disciplinary consequences.

Moreover, hurtful comments and behaviors restrict our ability to live up to the goals of our mission. Please help us to be the best that we can be at John Witherspoon Middle School.

Disclaimer: Please note that for the benefit of our families, we have placed inside this handbook two examples of BOARD POLICY. All Board policies in their original form and with complete verbiage can be found on the district website.


Middle school students who have legal issues pending (in or out of school), narcotics involvement (possession or use), or sexual misconduct shall be prohibited from participating in overnight field trips.