All John Witherspoon rules are in effect on all bus routes. The bus driver is in full charge of the bus and pupils. All students must remain in his/her seat and wear a seatbelt. Never throw any object from the bus. No profanity or physical contact is permitted. The driver is instructed to report any misbehavior to the Administration for appropriate action. NJ Transit (Loop Bus) tickets will be sold by the PTO. Bus safety drills are conducted twice a year.

Transportation Office

609.806.4209 FYI: Families Must live 2 miles away from school to be eligible for bus service. Loop Bus: 800.582.5946


When walking to school, always use the sidewalk and cross only where the crossing guards are located. Never litter! Students may not leave John Witherspoon School once they have arrived even if school has not officially begun. Students are not permitted to visit the Princeton Shopping Center, Princeton High School or Westminster Choir College.


When bicycling, observe the safety regulations set by the Princeton Police Department. All bicycles must be kept in the bicycle racks and locked for security. Do not lock bicycles to trees, handrails or fences. New Jersey State Law mandates that all students, 14 and under, must wear approved safety helmets when operating a bicycle.